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Ark Survival Evolved

Welcome adventurers, come and join any of our maps to continue your adventure of taming dinos, building & crafting, traveling across maps searching for secrets and more.

Just before you go, come and look around at our server rules, server info and our Progression mode.

  • Known Ark Bugs
    -Avoid logging out not in a bed, as you may load in under the world mesh, and die. -Do not enter boss fights mounted, you could not enter the Arena and lose everything. -Graphic issues after existing a Boss Arena, a simple re log will fix this. -And always a good idea to verify your game files after a hard crash. -When transferring to & from different maps make sure that you haven't left any fish in the fish basket, due to it will crash the server.
  • Need a safe way to travel on & to maps by using community buildings ?
    All the Community Buildings have now, got an open tp for safe transfers between maps! Use the omni tool's teleport function to teleport to a public tp, and look for the tp point named "Community Building".
  • Overflow issues
    We require all players to /upload items before server transfers. You can use /download when you reach your destination. (This way our system records what you traveled with and we can replace items if they go missing). You may still Overflow if you load into a large base or next to a mass of dinos. (we are looking into possible fixes that we can deploy server side). Best way to avoid Overflow is to transfer without items and spawn at a beach or have a small spawn outpost out of render of your main base.
  • How long are the decay timers in our Ark Cluster ?
    In an attempt to combat lots of empty starter bases on our ark cluster, we have set up a tailored decay time system, that will be going into effect on the 30th of April 2023. This system will work as follows: Beach BOB - 7 days This is the ''default'' decay time anyone gets when they join our cluster and spend less than 5 hours on any of our maps. Tourist - 14 days This is for anyone who has between 5 and 23 hours of gametime on our cluster. Resident - 28 days this is our ''standard'' decay time for anyone on our cluster that has spent 24 hours or more on our cluster. Through our bots and plugins we can monitor played time and these ''tags'' will be updated automatically as you spend time on our ark servers. If you are wondering what your tags are you can do the << /groups >> in our in-game chat to show your current tags.
  • In-game info and game store
    Hit F1 to see our in-game info menu. F3 to see our in game store.
  • Server Buildings
    Pvp Arena is located on The Island on Herby Island. (Please avoid building here) This is FULL PVP the moment you enter inside the building (you will get screen notification when you enter and leave the pvp zone).
  • Infinite Water
    Our current mods allow us to create infinite water source with buckets. You can also use the S+ Water Tap to create water anywhere for your greenhouse.
  • Building
    S+ building/CKF pieces defy gravity and will float in the air when you remove support. Vanilla pieces will still fall when you remove support.
  • Body retrieval
    Donators can use /getbody command. Doesn't mean everyone else is out of luck. If you can get close you can pull all your items with the S+ Omni Tool, and of course you can use the Fjorder Hawk if you have one. Please open a ticket if you died to server roll back or glitch, we will do our best to replace lost items and dinos. (Items lost due to death from game/bugs will not be refunded)
  • Toilet
    Use the Toilet to instantly spoil all your meat.
  • Dino tracker
    Will show Tribe dinos, Dinos around you in a short range, Tribe members and death points.
  • Mating
    Use a Nanny. Requires power and food will 100% imprint for you and give your baby food till it hits Juvenile and can eat from Feeding Trough. Leaving unclaimed babies for a extended time, the server will delete them! (Helps prevent breeding bombs) S+ incubators can be set to auto hatch and the Soul Terminal can also be set to pick up New Born, assuming it has Soul Balls. Soul Terminal can also be set to auto produce eggs and materials such as Achatina Paste just by leaving dinos in it.
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