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In an Effort to Keep it a Fun and Equal Experience for All, These are Our Ark Server RULES:


  • Do not spam the global chat, use the appropriate chats where necessary.

  • Do not lure dinos to other players bases, tamed dinos or other players.

  • Do not steal or take/use items without other players/tribe members permission.

  • Glitching/Hacking your way into areas or to get into bases is not permitted under any circumstance. If it's an accident, contact an admin.

  •  No Drowning or Dragging to Death of another Player.

  • All Trading/Buying is at Players Own Risk.

  • Fair Gifting: Items/Dinos are NOT to be Gifted/Sold to Players who Don't meet the Level Requirement (Ex. Bosses, Maps, Saddle Engram Unlocks, Etc). Gifting/Selling of these Items to Under-Leveled Players can Ruin their Ark Experience and Make the Game a Lot Smaller than Intended. INSTEAD, Help them! Show them where to Find said Dino via Scanner and/or Escort them there, Give them Tips on more Efficient Use of Structures they have Access to and how to Quicker Attain said Items They Want. Make it a PvE Adventure!




  • Max 1 base per map, per tribe. Max 50x50 Foundations.

  • Max 2 Outposts per map per tribe. Max 3x3 foundations.

  • Do NOT Spam build Foundations to Stop Others from Building.

  • Do NOT Block Caves/Parts of the map that need to be accessible ex. Explorer Notes, Boss Caves, Loot Crates/DropsLand travel on maps other than Gen 2, etc...

  • Your Builds should NOT be blocking Major Resources.

  •  Each Tribe is Responsible for their Build, and Admins CAN and WILL Reduce your builds if Over Size Limit.

  • If a Warning is Given but Base has NOT been Reduced, and Admin will have the Right to pick up Your Base and Put it in Storage for You to Rebuild within the Limitations of the Rules.



  •  Bedspawns: If you need a Bedspawn Outside a Cave or Point of Interest, ONLY use BEDROLLS.

  • Foundations w/Beds prevent other players from making Spawn points.

  • Traps: All traps in the wild MUST be Picked Up or UNLOCKED for others to use. 

  • ALL Limited Resource Structures MUST be UNLOCKED! This Prevents Unfair Advantage,

  • especially of Older players over New Players. (Oil pumps ect.)

  • Admins CAN and WILL Demo Locked Traps, Foundation Bedspawns, and other Non-Base/Non-Outpost Structures!



  • All Trading/Buying is Done at Players Own Risk. 

  • Follow Fair Gifting Rules.


      ​ DINOS

  • Keep Stryders Soul-Balled when NOT in use.

  • Follow Fair Gifting Rules.

  •  It is advised to keep any Unused Dinos in Storage JUST IN CASE of WildCard Issues or a Wild Dino getting into Your Base!

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