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Ark Donators

There is three tier of monthly donations from tier of monthly donations from Tier 1 to Tier 3 with a price range between £ 10 to £ 20, these tiers come many perks in-game ark and in discord.

These perks allows players to have in ark  increased points per minutes, monthly add on points for the shop, longer  decay timers and corpse recovery access and  many more.


-​Donators will have an increase of points per 30 minutes in-game for the in-game shop depending on their tier from the normal player rate being 4 points to the highest tier (3) donator  at 10 points per 30 minutes.

  • 4 points per 30 minutes for normal rate.

  • 6 points per 30 minutes for Tier 1 donator.

  • 8 points per 30 minute for Tier 2 donator.

  • 10 point per 30 minutes for Tier 3 donator.

-Every month each donating members will get an add bonus sum of points for the in-game shop ranging from 250 points to 500 point.

  • 250 monthly points for Tier 1 donator.

  • 375 monthly points for Tier 2 donator.

  • 500 monthly points for Tier 3 donator.



-All donators members have a corpse recovery access, which is a custom death recovery mod that allows members to recovery their body and item in-game.

-All donating members will get an extended on timer decay to all their buildings, items and dinos will become unclaimed after the decay timer is up. The timer increase more depend on the member's Tier from 2 months to a maximum timer of 8 months.

  • 28 days decay timer for normal rate.

  • 2 months decay timer for Tier 1 donator.

  • 4 months decay timer for Tier 2 donator.

  • 8 months decay timer for Tier 3 donator.

-Discord tribe chat perk enables donating member to connect their in-game tribe chat and tribe logs to their own discord.

-Tier 2 & 3 donating members will have the access to two way discord/ ark cross chat, meaning those members can message through the #cross chat to others player in the game.

-Donating members will be able to listen in on weekly discord meetings and to see developer changlog document.

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