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Mod - ATM9 


  • No Griefing

  • No PvP unless mutually agreed (later on we may build a dedicated PvP zone if desired)

  • No building lag machines of any descriptions

  •  No mass mining of any of the dimensions other than the "mining dimension", sensible strip mining is allowed, but where possible that should also be confined to the mining dimension

  • Do not make use of any exploits to gain unfair advantage or otherwise cheat, these should be reported if any are found#

  •  Do not claim or otherwise block any chunks designated as spawn or otherwise communal, or otherwise claim chunks in any way deemed malicious

  •  If you are chunk loading areas, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that nothing there is able to cause item/entity spam in the area as these entities will NOT despawn, and WILL crash the server if not dealt with

  • Breach of any of the above rules will be taken seriously, and dealt with according to the severity of the breach.




  • The spawn area should be kept clear to allow for future server community builds, Please don't build bases within 2Km of spawn

  •  All loot chest within this modpack will spawn as player instance loots unique to each player please LEAVE the chest/crate/minecart there once you have looted it to allow other players to also gain the loot. (These chests/crates/carts will appear with gold textures that change to blue once you have looted them)

  •  You can "protect" your base from other players interference by claiming the chunks it is contained in, as such, the server will not have any responsibility to prevent people interacting with your base (beyond what is otherwise set out here)

  •  While you can chunk load a number of the chunks you can claim, DON'T go overboard with what you chunk load, if this is causing excessive server load, the chunk load limit may be reduced without warning

For more information please visit our discord server and grab the Minecraft role.
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