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About Us

Thank you for visiting our website, where you will find information about our servers, meet the team, and find out how to join the servers or follow us on social media! 

What started as a small Ark server to host for a group of friends from our homes, has turned into one of the most amazing gaming communities we've ever had the benefit of being able to proudly call ours. We have grown into a fantastic community of gamers who can come and go, enjoy simple gaming and will always be welcomed back if day to day life gets in the way of being able to spend time on the servers.

We're always working hard to try and provide the best, seamless gaming experience as possible and we aim to make our servers a great place to be able to connect with one another. 

We have a large discord community with active players throughout the day and admins who are always willing to help when available. Our servers are powerful and are currently running the full Ark Survival Evolved cluster along with some other popular games such as Conan, 7 Days to Die and most recently, Minecraft, with plenty of new game severs being added as we grow.

The server owner maintains the quality of the servers whilst maintaining stable, enjoyable gaming, along with the help of community donations. All donations help to pay for the cost of the upkeep and we would like to thank all of our supporters who have made contributions to have allowed us to expand to where we are today. 

We're making improvements every day, and feedback on what we do is always welcomed and helpful to make a better experience for everyone.

About: About

Our Team

We're all approachable and friendly, we do ask that for support you open tickets in the discord but you can reach out to our community managers or open a chat here.

Ciaran Pic.png


Server Owner & Developer

Hi, I'm a software Developer from England, I spend most of my spare time on Mature Gaming development. I'm always open to chat, find me in the discord or chat on here!



Syllei'Anor is a game admin and developer, he works on the Minecraft server as well as helping with behind the scenes business running. 

unknown (1)_edited.jpg
Kayleigh Pic.png


Server Owner & Social Media Team

I'm Kayleigh! I help with server advertisements, manage the social medias and help with general admin stuff! 

Kim Pic.png


Server Owner & Community Manager

I'm the community manager along side Safari! I work on art, Emojis and managing the discord server.


Safari Veridian

Community Manager

I make sure all our members and players have a safe place to bring up their concerns. I also do a lot of formatting in terms of rules and guides and such. Discord is my priority and I make sure the moderators and helpers have all the tools they need to make our discord a safe place for you.



Treville Pic.png

Treville is a developer and game admin, he works on the 7 days & conan servers as well as dabbling in other projects when they come up. An all round handy man and a knowledge wizard at Conan!

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