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Progression Mode

What is Progression Mode ?

Our progression mode is completely optional ( you will need to opt in through discord) , which able players can ark story as it was intended to be played. This is done by the system admins  created which locks maps behind story progression.  To progress and unlock more maps, the player needs to beat story alpha bosses and ascend.

Maps are always unlocked by two: Story map and DLC maps.

DLC maps are mainly meant as a support to the story maps. Story maps are notorious in spawning low level dinos in general. As such you will always have the opportunity to use the free to download DLC maps to counter the story map spawn issues.

Each story map has it's own alpha boss(es) that has to be defeated to progress to the next one. Alpha Tek Cave on The Island, Alpha Manticore on scorched Earth and so on.

Your in-game name and discord nick will show that you are a progression player. And once you have done the last Ascension, you will be awarded with a Hall of Fame discord role and in-game tag to show off you accomplishment!


Maps are unlocked  in this order:

How to become a Progression Player ?

It's important to know that you can always opt out of being a progression player but if you decide later on to join it will be harder as you will have to create new character and give up your tames and items acquired before becoming one. So unless you want a specific map to start at it is recommended to become a progression player and  if you dislike it, it can be easily removed later.

  1.  Start at either The Island and The center and be can be under level 20.

  2. Link your Ark and Discord in "#permanent-messages".

  3. Create a ticket in "#make-a-ticket" and write down your information as shown at the top pf the ticket.

  4. wait until one of our admins to contact you and make you a progression player.

Progression Mode Rules:

  1. No tribing with non-progression players, until you have unlocked the final arc of Ark (i.e Genesis: Part 2).

  2. Trading can be done but items and dinos traded will have to come from maps that the progression player has already unlocked. As an example, you cannot get an Aberration dino or item traded to you if you have not done the story bosses needed to unlock Aberration yourself. This is also including the free maps and their items and dinos. Any trades will also have to abide by the **Fair gifting rule**.

  3. You can work together with non-prog players to finish a boss, but all the prep work related to that boss (breeding, crafting, etc) has to be done on the maps that the prog player has access to.

  4. At any time you can choose to opt out of progress play by creating a ticket in the discord without losing any items or progress made. However if you later on decide to opt back into Progression Mode you will be have to restart from fresh again.

  5. We can and will remove Progression Mode at any time if we find exploits or cheating used.

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