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Ark Mod List:

Overall there is twenty-three mods in our Ark servers, you can find the mod list on steam.

MX=E Ark Shop UI-

This mod is the in-game shop in our Ark server, players can find more info on how to use the shop on (Ark In-game Shop page).

Awesome SpyGlass !-

This mod is a upgrade from the regular SpyGlass give the player more info relevant to the object or creature that the player look at without haven't to physically look through the SpyGlass.

  • Dino.

  • Players.

  • Structures.

  • Eggs.

  • Loots.

  • Supply drops.

ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.01.27 -
ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.01.27 -

Crafting Skill Potion-

This mod allows player to temporary reset their stats and all of their add points to the crafting skill stats for a limited time. Once the timer is over the player stats with return to their original place they put them. However with this the player won't be able to apply new level point or use the mind-wipe tonic until the time is up.

Editable Server UI (WBUI) open source-

The mod is use for our in-game info (hit F1 to activated the pop up) that will show all to necessary information for player to look at when needed including the following:

  • All social links (Discord, Instagram, Twitter and MGS website).

  • Rules.

  • Chat command/ task.

  • Thanks to our donators.

  • Competitions winner.

  • Restart & Dino wipe times.

  • Server rates.

ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.01.27 -
ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.01.27 -

Shiny Dinos-
Is a mod that allows Shiny Dinos to pawns within the maps. The Shiny Dinos are special in different ways as they are not always easy to come by and they also can come with either special abilities of elements, higher stats than normal, or different colours. However, if a player decides to kill the Shiny then could obtain rare items and a chance of getting a chibi.

Dino tracker-

Players will be able to track down their Dinos and other tribes' tames if they have lost them. Also, the Dino tracker can be used for other things such as listing and showing where the wild Dinos are within the rendering range from the player; also can track down their Alliance or Tribe member's position by showing an arrow in the direction of the Dino, Alliance or Tribe members whilst a light beam is shown right above their location.

ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.01.27 -
ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.01.27 -

Dino Storage V2-

This mod overall helps players to be able to keep their Dinos in tidy and organised form by catching them in soul balls with a soul gun, which can be placed in normal storage or the soul terminals.

The soul balls  have many different aspects for instance if the player  just hovers over it in any inventory will display it's general stats, timers, colour IDs, other import information, also whilst the Dinos are in the soul balls they can regenerate stamina, XP, health and the cool down timers in real-time will still continue when balled.

The soul terminals have a few functions including  be able to create more soul terminals, soul balls, soul gun and the soul finder; Dinos can produce the resources in to the terminal as well they are able to recovery/destroy all Dinos. Another function is when mating & breeding the terminal can force all dino mating settings off or on & can be used to auto catch the baby Dinos into the soul balls saving them from dying to then continue imprinting & aging later.

With the  soul finder will help the player find what Dino/s they desire direct from all the inventories to the player's inventory. 

ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.01.27 -
ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.01.27 -

Dino MindWipe-

The Dino MindWipe is like the mind wipe tonic instead it allows the player to reset the Dino's stats to their original and re-add all of the level up points to where they desire.

[QoL, Open Source] Better Horde Mode-

Better horde mode is a very useful mod for players when completing bosses, it will help players to find the last enemies if they are hiding  after a certain timer is gone a beacon will show above the enemies; also another feature when over a certain time has gone the enemies will be killed instantly if they happen to be stuck under the map or not  reachable for the player to kill them by themselves.

Element transfer-

The element transfer mod allows players to transfer the element across servers by using the cross-travel element engram.

  • One crosstravel element is equal to one element.

  • A stack of crosstravel element is equal to 100 elements.

  • A brick of cross travel element is equal to 1000 elements.

After a player has transfer their crosstravel elements to their desire, they will be able to convert element back by consuming them.

Marnii Mods: hairstyles-

This mod adds exciting new items includes potions for growing both hair and beard/facial hair, Durable scissors and a range of hair style/accessories. to craft all the items in the stylist table.

Lethal reusable-

These lethal reusable allows players have little easy way to use item that normally would be one use items gone after one use can be frustrated when player realist they have use their last one and needed  more at that time quickly. As this  mod take away certain items' durability of mining helmets, torches, etc however they can lose it durability through damage.

Also same of the reusable have other added perks, for example the blood extracter increased use speed 5X normally, the water tank carries infinite water,etc and boomerang & others doesn't randomly break and so far on with other perks.

ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.01.27 -

Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Science Fiction & Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Remastered- 

These two mods are another building based mod which bring more and new exciting ways for the player to their dream base on ark with lots of new versatile building parts. The new versatile parts come with customisations of all colours and different variant cosmetics in two different aesthetic of science fiction being a scientist & modern aspects and the remastered mod having a medieval period aspects.

Eco Mods

  • Eco's Tek Decor-  The mod adds more items such as 7 Maps ( Holographic and original), Egg Incubators, 8 Experiments ( decorations), 2 Tek beds and many more bring a more scientist/ futuristic aesthetic.

  • Eco's RP Decor-  RP Decor is a mod by using furniture & decor crafting desk adds extra  items ranging from beds, some storage items, different rugs, tables & chairs, wall mounts & flags, etc. By using the Food tray crafting the player can make their own stylish kitchen includes extra recipes to make and even a community box.

  • Eco's ARRRRP Decor- This mod  bring  the Atlas game aesthetic to ark by using the Crafting table the players can make decorative, furniture, storage and misc items for our base or home.

RP visual Storage-

This mod bring a bunch of new items for storage with home aesthetic look which also help players organised their items in the base.

For example lots specific storage containers, weapon cabinet, tool rack and many more.

ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.01.27 -
ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.01.27 -
ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.01.27 -

Structures Plus (S+) -

This mod adds more flexible version of the original structures with abilities as such snapping structures together, stackable foundation, wires & pipes can be hidden and so much on unique items.

  •  S+ structures has added functions includes all open & close types of doors can be put on auto or manual action.

  • It brings unique structures to ark.

  • all crafting stations can be  locked & pin coded.

  • Intergrated Resource pulling, which allows players pull items from all their intventories in their base to create items.

ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.01.27 -

Snap Fixer Plus-

This mod is an add on to help the little functions with the other following mod for example the Structure Plus (S+) and the Castles, Keeps, and Forts:Remastered/ Science Fiction.

Auto Run func+ -

 This  mod allows players be able to auto run around the maps without holding down forward and sprint instead the player can uses any of the Num/Key or the player they desire also players can toggles between the walking and the running cycles.

Ark additional-

Ark additional bring a currently 9 new range of creatures to try catch & tame, whilst bring adding all the saddles that you need to use them.

These new creatures are :

  • Deinosuchus

  • Archelon

  • Xiphactinus

  • Brachiosaurus

  • Acrocanthosaurus

  • Concavenator

  • Cryolophosaurus

  • Hellicoprion

  • Deinotherium

Vegetation Planters-

This mod bring all together the vegetation assets from each biomes, for example the different types of rocks, crystal, mushroom, trees and low ground plants from ocean to mountains visual creating your own take on your surrounding nature.

In this mod there is 11 types of planter pot recipes to create excluding the added plants tool gun (created with one fiber),  which allows the player once they have placed the planter pots down can select their wanted planter and place the vegetation asset to the desired areas of the player choice.

ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.07.23 -
ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.07.21 -

Plant tool gun-

The plant tool has three different modes when using this tool, for instance connect to planter, add vegetation and remove vegetation.
Connect to planter allows the player to selected their desired planter, whilst the other modes have variation of options and when the plant tool is being used a dome will appear around the area that the player is places the plants are down.

The remove vegetation mode lets the player changes size of area that they want to remove of what they previous put down using 'alt+Mouse Wheel' also by using 'R' the player is able to switch vegetation types to the specific plant in if there is more one type there.

When using add vegetation mode 'alt+Mouse Wheel' is now used to change assets sizes whilst scrolling with the mouse wheel able players to rotate the object to how they desire and pressing 'N'  button will bring up the  settings for specific planter being used.


These settings able players to whitelist which plants they do or do not want to use at that time, in addition to setting of changing what they see on preview before placing.

ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.07.23 -
ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.07.23 -
ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.07.23 -
ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.07.23 -
ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2023.07.23 -

Vegetation Planter: Genesis 1 & Scorch Earth-

These two mods are add ons to the 'Vegetation Planter' mod.

VP-Gen 1 mod bring all the current foliage from Genesis 1 including nine planter pots ranging from rocks, trees, coral and low/high ground plants.

VP- Scorch Earth mod bring all the current foliage from  Scorch earth  including 5 planter pots with  one of the planter having misc items in.

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