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Our Ark In-Game Shop

On our Ark servers, we provide an in-game shop that allows players to buy the necessary items they need such as armour, weapons, dinos, resources and much more. With this shop, we have a point reward system which allows the players to earn points every 30 minutes whilst they play, for example:

point system.JPG

To access the Ark in-game shop by using the F3 button when the player are playing in the servers.

ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2022.12.13 -








1. Our in-game shop is split in three sections Stuff, Packs, Yours.

The 'stuff' section includes all the general shop item, which can be filtered using the filter section by using key words (4).

The 'packs' is a section of the shop that mainly has a collections of items groups together into packs that can be purchased as 1 unit, mostly currently used for starter packs, although that may change in the future.

The 'Yours' section is all the packs you purchase go to allowing you to redeem them at any later point that you want to get them.

2.To help keep track of points will show the amount in the right corner of the in-game, also you will have a notification pop-up in chat box letting you know how many points per 30 min with the total points they earned.

 3.  Some items will have different 'Min- level' which requires you to be of the  certain levels before they are able to purchase the items. Also will be some different permissions required for dinos depending on if you has joined progression mode has they will be limited to the dinos of the maps they are on or have completed. 


4. Using the 'Filter' tab to help allows you to navigation around the shop by using key words, for instance:

  • Resources

  • Kibble

  • Cake

  • Seed

  • Dino

  • Equipment

  • Ammo


5. Each type of item/s have different quantity per one purchase, however using the 'buy it' button allows you to increase and decrease the quantity of the item that you want all at once rather  than repeating the purchase multi times until to you get the right quantity of the item you wanted.

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