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Palworld Rules

As this is a brand new game and we don't know the ins and outs of it yet, we are starting with some very basic rules so everyone can have fun learning and playing the game.

  • No toxicity.

  • We mustn't touch what isn't ours.

  • Keep it friendly.

  • Behave in a mature manner.

  • Be helpful in pointing out things that may need a rule.

  • Don't be the reason for a new rule!

  •  Please name your guild. This will make it easier for anyone who needs to get a hold of someone.

  •  Please place a sign in your base with your name on for easier location when needed.

  •  Please avoid spamming the map with unnecessary bases, to avoid clogging up certain areas of the map.

Resource rich areas:

  •  +Please avoid building "full bases" on resource rich areas, thereby blocking the resource completely.

  •  +Please stick to just one palbox base for a resource rich area. Meaning you can't have two palbox bases for two different resources i.e one for ore and one for coal or sulfur for example.

This is to give everyone equal opportunity on resource access.



  • Leading Pals to their base or claims,

  • destroying structures that are outside claims but in use.

  • do not block/build on key item's like journals and effigy

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