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Conan Exiles Rules


  • There is an absolute zero tolerance policy on cheating, any offenders will be instantly banned permanently.

  • Discriminating or other Excessive behavior will not be tolerated.

  • You are not allowed to advertise other Servers/Communities.

  • Make a clan even if you are solo.

  • One large/village base per clan.

  • For Main Base, build out of max render distance of each other, map is big enough for all.

  • No foundation spamming to claim areas or prevent spawns.

  • If absent for greater than 30 days let Admins know to avoid character and building deletion.

  • Do Not block pathways or passages. Any passage that is blocked must leave a path for players to still get through

  • Lake Felkar and Stormcaller Heights (Market Area) are admin build only zones. Player structures WILL be removed with no notice!

  • Transportory Stones are allowed, place them out of the way. Will be removed without warning if it becomes a issue.

  • Please do not abuse the Wallpaper, if you get caught posting porn you will get banned!

  • Thralling outposts are okay but clean them up when you are done.

  • Build with a purpose. Clean up after yourself.

  • No Map structures out side of your base.

Market Thespian Rules:

  • Select Social Merchant to use as a Merchant.

  • No Nude Thespians, any Thespians w/o some kind of clothing will be removed and no items returned.

  • When naming, under Profession put date you last updated your Thespians. They will be deleted after 30 days of no updates.

  • Thespians must be placed under unused tent in the Market area.

  • You can buy more Thespians for decorations for your base at the Market.

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