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Ark Ascended Rules


  • No harassment of other players,

  • Do not spam the global chat, use the appropriate chats where necessary

  • Glitching/Hacking your way into areas or to get into bases is not permitted under any circumstance. If it's an accident, contact an admin.

  • Do not spam build foundations to stop others from building.

  • Do not block caves/parts of the map that need to be accessible. 

  • Do not lure dinos to other players bases, tamed dinos or other players.

  • All trading / buying is done at players own risk.

  • Do not steal or take/use items without other players/tribe members permission.

  • No drowning or dragging to death of another player.

  • Do not leave tames out in the wild. Random tames can and will be removed when found out in the wild. Make sure your tames are secured at your own base or outpost.

Logging out:
Remember to log out while laying on a bed and preferably an empty inventory as to avoid mesh deaths upon logging in next time you play.
If you don't do as stated above we cannot spend time trying to recover your items and things because you were careless last time you logged off.

Building Rules:

Base size rule:

  • Max one main base per map, per tribe max 50x50 foundations.

  • Max one water base per map, per tribe max 25x25 foundations.

  • Max 2 outposts per map at the size of 3x3 foundations.

  • When building traps out in the wild, *please* demo it when you are done with it. *Admins can and will demo locked traps and non base structures.*

  • + Each tribe is responsible for their build and admins can and will make you reduce your builds if over the set limit. If a warning is given but base has not been reduced, an admin will have the right to pick up your base and put it in storage for you to rebuild within the limitations of the rules.

  • Ensure that your builds are not blocking major resources, artifacts, loot crates/drops or explorer notes. If an area has more than 2 rich, or 5 normal metal nodes, or 6 of obsidian or crystal, do not build there. This is to protect fair access to resources. Same goes for beaver spawns and such. If you are unsure of an area, feel free to open a ticket and we can help evaluate the area.

  • All Limited resource structures must be left unlocked by all (oil pumps- normal and tek, sap taps- normal and tek, gas pumps).

  • Bedspawns: If you need a bedspawn outside a cave or point of interest, don't use foundations and beds as it prevents other players from making spawnpoints as well. use bedrolls.

  • +Fair gifting - please do not gift to players much below the item/dino requirements. It can ruin new players experience and make the game a lot smaller. 

  • +For example do not give players wyverns if they're not capable of getting one themselves, instead help them get a wyvern and travel to the location with them. 

  • +Make it a pve adventure! Same goes with items, especially furnaces/smelters/cooking furnaces ect.

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