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7 Days to Die Mods

Bdub's Vehicles- 

This is a mod that brings a whole collection of Bdubyah's vehicle mods together to the game in one mod with its trader; players can buy or find the different types of accessories and the chassis schematics to unlock the ability to craft them, also be unlocked by increasing the grease monkey perk.
The unlocking of accessories & chassis parts allows the players to craft specific 'Bbudyah's' vehicle in the usual way other vehicles for the players to drive or fly around in. Each vehicle can have a variety in different storage sizes, low or high fuel consumption, speed, the health of the vehicle and the number of people it carries.

Shotgun Pack-

This mod pack brings 12 new shotguns within a one to four tier system based on three different attributes  from range, ammo capacity to damage. Also brings additional three types of ammo  for example the flechette darts, token shot and the super penetrator slug ammo. 

5-56 gun Pack-

5-56 pack is a other gun mod that add 12 new guns with a one to four tier system in three categories of LMG, assault rifles ( battle carbine) and assault rifles (tactical carbine) with their multi different attributes. The tier four weapons will be only at accessible by traders, loots and quest reward. 

The LMG brings a higher ammo capacity but lower mobility and medium range.

Assault rifles (battle carbine) brings higher damage rate, however has a short-medium range and a low ammo capacity.

Assault rifle (tactical carbine)  guns has a low damage rate where as they have better in mobility and comes with an extra mod slot.

7-62 gun Pack-

 This pack adds 8 new guns with unique attributes within an one to four tier system in two categories.
In the sniper rifle category, the guns will be very high in damage, accuracy and use for far range scenarios with additional bonus of mobility but lack in the areas of low ammo capacity and fire rate.


On the other hand marksman rifle will be slightly lower attributes for the medium to high accuracy and damage with a medium to far fire range; however the guns give the players higher ammo capacity and fire rate to play with.

For guns in the tier system can be skill unlocked, except from tier four guns can only be found in traders, rare loots and guest rewards.

Alternative ammo icon-

 This mod brings a modern aesthetic look to all ammo boxes with their corresponding colour bullet type.

  •  Red - Normal bullets

  • Green- Armour piercing bullets

  • Blue- Hollow point.

  • Yellow- HP, special and others.

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