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Our Mods and how to use them

(Not an extensive list)

Please check out our mod guide below. We have taken care to only include mods that enhance your gaming experience without breaking or overpowering play.

Super Spy Glass Plus

Requires level: 25.

Features: Enables player to see several advanced features of the creature they are focused on, including level, stats, and colour pigment.


How to use:  

Option 1: Equipable. After crafting, find spyglass in cosmetics, works as a skin, drag over to hat slot, take off hat then put back on, now you will be able to use passively. 


Option 2: Weapon, equip and use as a regular spy glass, right click to focus.


Option 3: Consumable. Right click to consume, and use passively.



Screenshot 2024-05-12 134528.png

Shiny Tracker

Requires level: 55.

Engram Cost: 20. 


Required materials: 20 electronics 5 polymer.

Features: Adds various special looking dinos across the map for taming. In addition, killing shiny dinos offers rare resource and even a chance drop of chibis.

How to use : Put shiny tracker in hot bar and click once, this will bring up the map and the shinies currently available on it. Select which one you'd like to track, and it will show the area it can be found in via a red square, go there and let the hunt begin! Tame as normal for the species.


Dino Depo

Required materials:  1 crystal and 1 metal ingot.


Other requirements:. Requires electricity to run



Passive production of resources. 

Passive unfertilised egg production.

Incubation of fertilized eggs.

Egg catching.

Baby capture. 

Kill all function.

(Not an extensive list.)

How to use:
Hold E to access radial menu.

Dino balls work in a similar fashion to vanilla cryopods. You are able to catch and release your tames, however unlike the former, dinoballs have no 'knock out' penalty.

dino depo.jpg
Screenshot 2024-06-22 112532.png
Screenshot 2024-06-22 112540.png

Utillities Plus

Requires level: Varies between level 1 and 47.

Engram Cost: All items 1 each. 


Required materials: Varies.


Features: Adds reusable bolas, spears, flare guns, grappling hooks, parachutes and U+ Binoculars.

How to use: Use as normal for their vanilla counterparts. Rather than disappearing/breaking on use the items will stay in your inventory. Bolas can be re-collected from dinos you have trapped. 

Screenshot 2024-06-25 115649.png

Cliffin's Wardrobe

Requires level: 1.

Engram Cost: 10.


Required materials: 20 hide, 30 wood.

Features: An excellent selection of fantasy themed outfits.

How to use:  Craft the Cliffin's wardrobe, place and open

Inside you will find various sets of skins to craft. 

These are only skins and must be placed over existing armour by going into cosmetics and dragging them onto the appropriate item slot.

Screenshot 2024-06-25 113738.png

Super Structures Ascended


This is a Passive mod, it does not require unlocking. No engram or material requirements.

Features: Searches all your owned resources in the vicinity and allows you to easily pull them to your person for repair/crafting purposes. 




How to use: Please see instructional images.

Screenshot 2024-06-25 155927.png

Cliffin's Backpack

Requires level:  10.

Engram Cost: 5 each.


Required materials:  100 fibre and 50 hide.


Other requirements: Upgraded versions are available at higher levels (35 and 70), they require slightly more resources to craft.


Features: A selection of aesthetically pleasing backpacks designed to help you carry all those extra resources! Level one backpacks reduce your base resources weight by 20%, level 2 by 50% and level 3 by 80%.


How to use: After crafting find the backpack in your inventory click your use/action button (Pc: E, Xbox: Y PS: Triangle) to ‘consume’ this will equip the backpack, click action button again to unequip.

Screenshot 2024-06-28 111920.png

JVC Decor

Requires level: 1.

Engram Cost: 0.


Required materials: 1 wood.

Features: Adds a vast variety of decor including trees, crystal, mushrooms, also adds tree platforms. 


How to use: After crafting table, place, put appropriate resources inside and craft desired decor.

Visual Storage

Required materials: Varies

Features:  A variety of different storage solutions including ore bins, wood bins, glass jars, shelves, pantries and many more. Visual structers cater for a huge amount of resources


How to use: Craft, then simply store and withdraw!

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