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7 Days to Die Rules

-You can have a maximium of two bases, as you only have two LandClaim Blocks.

-Do not leave your vehicles when you log out. They will be deleted if left out for long period of time.

-Be considerate and NOT use other players base during bloodmoon w/o permission.

-Build in POI at your own risk of it being reset and you lose everything! (reset zones wipe).

-Do not build giant tree farms as it will cause server lag, 20 trees is more then enough per clan.

-Please avoid logging out before BloodMoon for someone else to log into it.

-Do not destroy the big tire when you scrap a car, if you do it will NOT respawn!  

-Your base/bedrolls will decay after 30 RL days.

 -Wipes will occur after day 1000.

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